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O H L O O K i'm back fff okay okay -- a few drafts here i can do fff



          Her hand cradle the broken glass carefully as she used her free hand to tuck raven strands behind her ear. Turning back to look at the woman, she offered a warm smile. 

                       ”Why wouldn’t I be? It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident.”

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            Azure observes the woman as she works, guilt lingering with each glance stolen. For someone who had been trained to hunt for a good portion of her life, she still ended up being clumsy. Note to self: step up your game, start focusing more often.

           When the woman actually spoke to her, lips remained shut as the thoughts were being processed for a moment.

             “Where I come from accidents are … dangerous, they are not taken so lightly.”

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Suzume Yosano | Different Hairstyles
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b e i n g. q u e u e.

littles things about hnr ~ Suzume’s style.

littles things about hnr ~ Suzume’s style.

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b e i n g. q u e u e.
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b e i n g. ( M Y LITTLE ARCHER )

your words in my head, knives in my heart
you build me up and then I fall apart
'cause I'm only human

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b e i n g. q u e u e.

 I can protect myself…

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b e i n g. ( boss ass bitch plays in the back ground tbh )
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t a l e n t. ( y esssssss )


( I owe 2 more starters! but i’m gonna try to write them later! going to go jump on my other blogs ~ )

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i owe so much crap; gdi -- just let it all pile up o u t.



    ᴀʜ, ᴊᴇ ne dirais pas ça — it simply makes for troublesome travel conditions.”


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            “Hrm, je comprends. Do not let it disrupt your day, though. It will go away soon …

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mxgnifique m i n i.